Welcome Restaurateurs !!!

If you own a Restaurant and would like to engage with the UAE Food Guide, we would be delighted. You can associate with us in the following ways:-

1. You simply want to let the foodies know you exist or that you are running an offer.
Just send us a few vouchers that we can run as contests, so foodies will be aware of it.

2. You would like some of us to come and check your place and try your food.
We have a “Reviewers panel”. About 2 to 3 panel members would come and check out the food. It would be better if you decrease the portion size and serve many dishes. That way we get to talk about more dishes. We will take pictures, post it in the group and talk about the things we liked. The ones we did’t like, we would share our feed back with you.
What we expect from you
– Vouchers to run Contests
– If you could allot your space to host our events
– A session with your chef for us

3. You want to launch your restaurant. We would love to cover you totally.
– A few Bloggers would write about your food and the restaurant.
– We would take pictures and share them liberally
– Give us a special deal for a month…that we can run in our group.
– We could host a mini meet up there with a tasting session during your off peak hours.
– We could run Contests again to Ensure that Your restaurant gets spoken about more
– All of us would do a “Check in”

The monetary arrangements for all of that are different. Kindly send in an email to state which one you are interested in.

Word of caution
The amount of coverage , interaction and results are varied. Please state your requirements and please understand this is only lateral marketing, not Magic. If we do creative engagements tailored to your restaurant the impact is deeper. But, short-lived. It is integral to Online Marketing.